Grupo Slots understands Social Responsibility as a series of values and principles closely related to the company's identity and history. As the way in which the company proceeds both at the internal and external dimensions to accomplish its mission of being the best entertainment and recreation option. It is a commitment that includes its Declaration of Values and each of its actions.

Social Responsibility is a part of the essence of the company, which is expressed in the company's daily operation: we work with the conviction that our growth result in a raised relevance of the company in every community where we are present. Consequently, we take on responsibility for transforming this importance into a positive influence for all the stakeholder to which we relate.

We conduct different initiatives day after day to generate a positive impact on the community. We support the actions of public service entities to help them in their efforts to assist the community. We also generate suitable spaces that allow the company's staff to do their voluntary work in different causes, helping them with organizational and logistic efforts, as well as financing those actions.
Among the numerous initiatives, outstands the Programa Integral de Juego Responsable (Integral Program for Responsible Gaming) that Grupo Slots conducts together with the Fundación de Acción Social, working elbow to elbow to reinforce the entertainment culture in gambling, and preventing people from using it compulsively. To this end, the program is divided into three pillars: Promotion, Prevention, and Therapeutic Care

Juego responsable

El juego debe ser

Diversión y esparcimiento
Una forma de pasar buenos momentos
Es una distracción, que se realiza en momentos libres
NO es una forma de ganar dinero

Para Pensar

¿Le dedica cada vez más tiempo y dinero a los juegos de azar?
¿Utiliza para jugar tiempo y dinero que debería dedicar a otras cosas?
¿Juega para escapar de sus problemas?
¿Ha jugado con dinero destinado al pago de obligaciones económicas importantes?
¿Ha utilizado dinero ajeno para jugar?
¿Ha vendido bienes propios o familiares por el juego?
¿Ha sentido que no puede controlar sus ganas de jugar?

Cuando el juego se hace patológico ....

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