Result of its wide experience in the entertainment industry, and its compromise with innovation, Grupo Slots created Jugadon.com, an online entertainment platform that offers a wide array of entertaining options. At the same time, is a useful tool for gambling operators, since it allows them to offer to their clients the chance to access those same games. Jugadon.com, which is commercialized by Lotería de San Luis, has enough flexibility to adapt to every jurisdictions’ or operators’ requirement, as well as a robust and secure IT infrastructure.

Jugadon.com has a varied product portfolio comprised by online betting, virtual and live casino games, bingo, roulette, poker, slot machines and sport bets, and allows its users to access through almost any device connected to the internet. It also includes different management tools that let administrators get the best performance of the platform.

Grupo Slots is a company that’s constantly seeking for growth and innovation within the entertainment industry. With Jugadon.com offers a state-of-the-art product that can.